YouTube Can Boost Your Google Place Page

To sell their advertising to new customers, some online directories offer a video to enhance their listing. Understandably, this is not inexpensive, because video production can involve expensive equipment, software, and skilled technicians. However, in their ability to send traffic to your website, business directories are relatively insignificant when compared to search engines. Although video presentations are clearly valuable as a means for internet communication, there is a better way to do this.

First of all, it’s important to know that Google now owns YouTube, and allows linking from five YouTube videos to each business’s page on Google Maps. Our experience shows this can provide a significant boost for ranking on Google Maps listings. So, we endorse the concept of online videos, and in particular, YouTube videos, as important tools for internet marketing. 

Since producing these videos is a time consuming and expensive process, our video services are reserved for clients purchasing our Ultimate service package. However, we feel these videos offer a significant value in their effect on search engine visibility. By design, YouTube is a social networking system, so these videos are a perfect way to integrate the powerful effects of social media into an internet marketing campaign. In fact, they can be linked to Facebook and many other sites besides Google Maps.

Instead of producing only one video, Brighthouse produces five YouTube videos for clients who choose our Ultimate Service package. These average around 3 minutes in length, and we will produce one video during each of the first five months of service, linking each video to the client’s place page on Google Maps. By associating important keywords with each video, these help empower your web marketing campaign by contributing to your search engine visibility.