Hosting Websites Since 1996

Brighthouse manages and hosts many of our clients’ websites, and has for many years. In fact, our business began when we started designing and hosting websites in 1996. This is still a big part of our business.

As the internet attained common use, and yellow page advertising began its decline, the importance of search engine optimization became apparent. Over the years, our greatest successes with search engine visibility have occurred with sites we manage and host. Often, that’s because when a client’s website is managed by another firm, our directions for optimization are often lost without receiving appropriate action. At times our clients don’t realize the importance of what we are trying to see accomplished, and sometimes our directions are miscommunicated to their web administrator. The most common problem results from the fact that few of the smaller web developers know much about optimizing a website for search engine visibility. As a result, the sites they design often suffer from architecture which will actually inhibit the internet visibility their clients need. 

We offer three levels of service for clients who desire better visibility on Google and other search engines. However, the Ultimate service package we provide is only available for websites we manage and host. That’s because we’ve learned by experience that unless we control the site, we will never be able to obtain search engine visibility at the highest levels. In addition, we limit RSS news feeds and blog services to sites we manage and host. 

Website hosting itself is best accomplished by locating our clients’ websites on commercial servers. These are large main-frame clusters with redundant backup systems and formidable security protocols. In addition, they have access to massive bandwidth and are typically connected to the internet by large fiber-optic cables. We pay these hosting companies for their services and charge our clients nominal monthly fees. Early on, we flirted with self-hosting using a fast desktop server and a T1 connection. After that experience, we’re convinced that commercial servers provide the best means for site hosting. We have the tools and experience to monitor each web site remotely, making changes whenever they are needed. This gives us complete control over each site, while the commercial server provides the necessary speed and security.