Site Mapping To Be Search Engine Friendly

In the past, websites were structured for users, but today’s users are much less likely to read and study websites like they did when the World Wide Web was brand new. These days, internet users tend to make very quick decisions using search results found on Google or other search engines. In most cases when searching for local goods and services, they use Google and Bing Maps to see if you are conveniently located. After that, potential customers often call the number they see in a listing without even entering the website. This is increasingly true as more and more internet users conduct local searches from mobile devices. 

Understanding this, it’s become obvious that the real aim of website design must be to target website visibility on search engines, rather than to inform users. Still, a certain percentage of users will look at your site, navigate through some of its pages, and read some of the text. So, your site text should be intelligible and meaningful, even though its primary reason for existence is its power to promote search engines visibility. 

Besides strategically written page text and the implementation of effective meta-tags in a site’s source code, site maps are extremely effective devices which organize websites and make them more “search engine friendly.” Google actually launched its own site map protocol, encouraging web designers to use this because sites have increased in size and complexity. Adopting this protocol makes Google’s task easier, and clearly results in benefits and rewards in terms of improved page rank and visibility. 

Because site mapping involves complex elements connecting website architecture with html code, we won’t go into too much detail here. However, Brighthouse is experienced and equipped to create logical and effective site maps, and we offer this in our Ultimate service package. It’s important to know that adding new pages to a site and other structural changes will necessitate revised site maps. For this and other reasons, we only provide site mapping for websites we manage and host.