Optimized Business Profiles

Creating strong and effective Search Engine Visibility involves addressing a multitude of factors. There exists no single action which will produce good visibility by itself. Our work in gaining visibility for our clients involves careful consideration of many different details. Each one of these produces a small effect. When combined as a whole, this multitude of small factors can produce big results. 
There are lots of reasons for this. For one thing, the internet giant known as Google invests around three billion dollars a year in its technology, making it in our opinion, the smartest and most powerful form of artificial intelligence ever devised. As Google has become smarter, its ability to look at more factors in greater detail has increased. 

Internet information related to your business can be divided into two sets. The first information set includes the things you say about your business, in your website text, in your Google Maps profile, etc. The second set of information includes the things others are saying about your business in reviews, in online publications and blogs, and on other websites. Both sets of information are important, and because it’s easier to expand and complete the first set of information, this is the best place to begin. After that, the strategies employed to develop the second information set will strongly affect your visibility. Notice for instance, a comparison between the first page of Google Maps listings with the second and third pages. Nearly all first page listings will contain some customer reviews, while second and third page listings will show these in fewer numbers. Specifically, this provides a clear picture of the way reviews factor into your position on search engine pages. In a more general sense, it shows the value of second set information. At Brighthouse, we make it a point to help our clients develop both information sets, directly and with well informed coaching. 

Just as visibility can be enhanced by the careful implementation of sound strategies, it can also be blocked by various inhibiting factors. These can present themselves at the beginning of a project, but they can also begin blocking visibility after it has been achieved. We are familiar with the usual suspects, and are as experienced in identifying these factors, as we are in constructing solutions. More often than not, these problems begin with a poorly informed action on the part of the client or an employee. In some cases, the architecture of a client’s existing website is the problem. Sometimes these can be overcome with a few changes, and at other times we will recommend a completely new website. Our goals in coaching include helping our clients resolve existing problems as well as helping them avoid choices which result in damaged visibility.  

One reason for the growing complexity of search engine visibility is the ever-expanding, fluid nature of the internet. There are now billions of websites and in every local market, new and old businesses alike are taking steps to obtain better visibility. Competition is now stepping up the challenge for visibility. So, the importance of creating and maintaining strong visibility on important search engines has become a fact of life for nearly every small and large business on the planet. 

One of the most effective strategies we’ve discovered in our work is learning to understand Google. This particularly innovative search engine has its own way of looking at things, which is directly related to the people who created it. What do they want? There is no single answer to this question, but part of the answer is this: They want Google to be the best search tool available for people seeking quick and accurate answers to their questions. And here’s something they don’t want: They don’t want any Google user to be tricked into finding something unrelated to their search. So Google has become the best search tool in its industry at identifying and filtering out attempts to game its system. For that reason, we recommend strategies aimed directly at helping Google do what it wants to do without any tricks or games. We recommend providing lots of useful and relative content (text), and we recommend having an active blog. Further, we promote link building as a vital means of building both traffic and search engine visibility. We recommend participation in social media networks and linking these to your site. In short, we recommend making your website a place where people can find good answers to their questions.