SEO Description

Welcome, website owners and potential webmasters, to your answer to Search Engine Optimization by Brighthouse Web Solutions!  We know that there are so many choices out there when it comes to who to use for your all of your website questions and that you want to deal with someone who is an expert that can help you get your website marketed in the most cost effective manner possible.

In today’s mindset of do-it-yourself everything, many entrepreneurs are building their own websites.  There are online sites that make this pretty easy to do with a few clicks of the mouse, add a template here and a little text there and voila’ you have a website!  Some people are a lot more tech savvy and they produce a much more complex website with fancy graphics, lots of pages, and plenty of code that most people don’t understand.  No matter how high tech a website is, if customers can’t find it quickly and easily, then it is just another website hanging out there in cyberspace.   The simple explanation of how to make your website easy to find is called search engine optimization, better known as SEO.   Without SEO, your website, and your profit potential, will most likely be buried several pages deep, below all of your competitors.  Let’s explore a few key facts about search engine optimization andthe average internet user who is searching the web:

  1. When doing a web search for anything, the average web user doesn’t bother looking past the content of the first, or maybe, the second page of listings.  So, if you’re website isn’t up there, potential customers will most likely never find you. 
  2. There are many search engines that internet users can use to search the web and all those search engines have different rules and search criteria that they use to collect information.
  3.  Search engine optimization requires knowledge that most website owners do not have.
  4.  Entrepreneurs that have websites do not usually have the time or the desire to learn SEO.
  5. Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of any website.

Search engines essentially do 4 things.  They use “crawlers”, a.k.a. spiders, to crawl around the internet (web) collecting information, use the information from the content on websites that they collect to build an index, determine relevancy, and then rank the results.  The content of a website has become much more important and website owners that don’t understand how to write effective content and how to list their information on other websites and directories can actually hurt their own rankings on the internet.   Search engines do not create the popularity of any web site or web page.  This is something that requires the knowledge and skills of talented SEO marketers.
The expert team at Brighthouse Web Solutions was established to do provide that knowledge and expertise to web owners at reasonable rates. Brighthouse Web Solutions can get your website to the forefront of the Search engines and help your business soar.  Contact one of our specialists immediately to get a quote today!