Cultivating Good Reviews

With every new visibility project, Brighthouse coaches new clients on the importance of cultivating reviews. That’s because asking for reviews isn’t something we can do for our clients. So, every business owner must learn how to do this for themselves, and train their employees to cultivate customer reviews on a regular basis. In some cases, cultivating reviews becomes critically important, when a business has received too many bad reviews.

Without cultivating good reviews, the bad reviews can make things look much worse than they actually are. The fact is, every business will probably receive some bad reviews, because some customers are essentially unhappy people. Very little you do will make these customers happy, and unfortunately, unhappy or angry people are more prone to writing reviews than anyone. So, cultivating reviews from your happy customers is the best possible defense you can have against negative reviews. There is also a page rank benefit for businesses with customer reviews; so in our coaching, we provide guidelines for doing this.

To make cultivating reviews easy for you and your clients, we have developed some very effective review guides which you can email to your customers. Designed to simplify the process of writing reviews, these are customized for each client and include easy links which take your customers directly to your business profile on a particular online directory. This saves your customers the task of searching for your profile. After that, simple step-by-step instructions guide them through the process, which makes it fast and easy for your customers to post reviews for your business.

These step-by-step review guides are included in our premium and ultimate service packages.