Web Pages For Smart Phones And Devices

Mobile devices are rapidly changing the landscape of local search. In fact, searches for local sources of goods and services from smart phones and other mobile devices now outnumber searches from desktop computers. In some categories, mobile devices account for more than 60% of search, and this trend continues to grow. Since Google and other search engines are now connecting mobile searches to nearby businesses based on GPS data from these devices, it is very important to consider smart phones when designing a new website or managing an existing site. 

Because the mobile device screen size and shape is different from desktop and laptop computers, the pages on a typical website are not an optimal fit. The recommended approach for accommodating mobile devices is a separate set of web pages designed for smart phones. The graphics and text is redesigned to read better on a small screen. These pages are also formatted with a different aspect ratio, which is a better fit for the average mobile device. By fitting these smart phone pages into a sub-directory in the website, and adding the device recognition code, mobile devices will be accessing the same information available to computer users, but the pages will look different, and they’ll be easier to see and read. Brighthouse now has custom software it can install on the websites it builds and manages. This allows the website to recognize the source of incoming traffic and respond accordingly with the appropriate set of pages.

NOTE: this is only available for websites we manage and host.