Increase Search Engine Traffic

According to recent studies, can you guess what the most effective strategy was for increasing web site traffic?

  • Banner ads?
  • Print ads?
  • Spam mail?
  • Opt-In email?

Would you be surprised to hear "none of the above"? That's right, the most effective means of increasing traffic to your web site is improved web positioning on Search Engines!


Increase search engine traffic without costly advertising!
Search Engine Web Positioning Service

Surveys of the effectiveness of various marketing strategies rate Search Engines in first place, with Opt-In email a close second. Because millions of searches are done daily, if your web site ranks high on the Search Engines, you are getting the best marketing "bargain" available today.

Have you noticed when you do a search phrase at Google, you will often see a highlighted (color) ad at the top of the listings? Did you realize that this is not a listing, but a Sponsored Link that can cost thousands of dollars a month?

Wouldn't you like to be near that ad without spending that enormous sum? Those web sites that appear near the top of the page receive many of the same benefits without the cost! With our search engine positioning service, we have achieved numerous first place positions for our clients.


Increase Search Engine Traffic 

Ok, a search engine positioning service is effective, but aren't all the top positions already taken?

No! Many people are under this false assumption, and have not even tried to improve their rankings, and many have never even optimized their site for the search engines. Also, many have not chosen effective keyword terms and therefore their search engine positioning efforts do not bring significant traffic to their webiste. They have not "optimized" their pages for the search engines and are lost at the bottom of the heap. In addition, there are millions of different searches being done on a daily basis. At Brighthouse, we can find the appropriate keyword phrases for your business and we can get you listed on those coveted first pages. We have achieved literally hundreds and hundreds of top 20 search engine listings for our clients and we even have numerous #1, first place positions on the major search engines.


How do we do it? 

Brighthouse has been building web sites since 1995. Over the last few years we have been developing the necessary tools and techniques to optimize web sites to achieve the desirable top listings in the major search engines.

Search engines are constantly changing the criteria that they use to rank a web site. Therefore, Brighthouse constantly reviews these changes and to makes the necessary corrections on the web site.

It's the top engines that generate over 95% of search engine traffic. Therefore, Brighthouse concentrates on achieving high rankings in the major engines only.


What will I get?

When you sign up we will provide the following services:

  • We will first work to find the optimal four or five keyword phrases that best suit your business.
  • We will then design HTML pages to rank in the top of the search results for these keyword phrases.
  • We will make sure these optimized pages are found by the major search engines.
  • We will provide you with detailed monthly reports showing you exactly where you rank for each keyword phrase for each search engine.
  • We will analyze the reports on a monthly basis and make the necessary changes.
  • We will constantly work to get you to the top and to keep you there.

How much does it cost?

Contact us at the email below to see how simple and cost effective it is to get started today, increasing your website traffic.

Please email us for a price quote: