The Key To A Search Engine Friendly Website

Google and other search engines are in the business of connecting the dots between the things people are searching for, and the websites which have the answers. In essence, the dots being connected are words. In the search engine visibility industry, these words are known alternately as keywords, search terms, and keyword phrases. The word ‘key’ is used because certain words help unlock success with search engines. 

Since words are such an important part of this equation, it’s vitally important to identify the words which are most commonly used in online searches related to a particular business. For this reason, after interviewing a new client, we begin each project with keyword research. There are a number of tools available which record and list keywords in order of frequency. In other words, these tools can tell us which words are used most often. We can even see for instance, how many times a given word or phrase was used in online searches during the month prior to our research. From this work, we compile a hierarchical list of words related to our client’s business, with the most frequently used words at the top. This master list of keywords becomes an important reference in the work which follows.

Every category of business has its own “industry speak,” which includes code words and phrases which make up the language of that business. New clients often give us words and phrases for which they would like to obtain first page listings on search results pages. Just as often, our keyword research reveals that although these code words may have significance within their industry, many are rarely used by outsiders searching online for their services. Because of this, they are relatively unimportant as keywords. Herein lies a clue to the importance of keyword research. Simply put, it helps us discover and list in order of importance, the words your potential customers are actually using in searches related to your business.