A Brief Description of Our Marketing Services

Client Business Profile
A well optimized business profile contains information which is structured to produce very desirable levels of visibility in search engines. With over 15 years of experience as a web developer, Brighthouse is skilled at creating effective business profiles for our clients. Because every new project begins with an in-depth client interview and extensive keyword research, every profile we create is written with a clear understanding of our client’s business, and the keywords used most often in searches for the goods and services our client provides. Using these keywords in a business profile helps Google and other search engines connect the dots between the searches people are making and our clients’ websites. 

Keyword Research 
Successfully connecting the dots between search queries and websites satisfying those queries is the work of search engines like Google. The dots in this equation are words, and in the SEO industry, the words with the greatest value or relevance are known as keywords. Because these important words are used throughout the process of developing search engine visibility, keyword research is the first order of business in each new project. 

To identify keywords, we use online resources which can tell us for instance, the number of times a particular word or phrase was used in a single month. To summarizing our research, we create master keyword lists organized in hierarchical order, with the most important words at the top. Our specialists can then use keywords in carefully written site text, blog entries, directory profiles, and other features which help improve a website’s PageRank and visibility on search engines.

Essential Optimization Code
Basic strategy for optimizing any website involves lines of supplemental code added to the source code for the site’s home page. Included are a new title tag, new meta tags, indexing code, and Google analytics code. We have designated these provisions as essential optimization code, and they are made available to all of our clients. To make certain these are correctly installed in a website’s source code, we require direct communication with each client’s website administrator, and the administrator must be pre-authorized to do this work.

Standard Monthly Reports
Sent monthly by email to each of our clients, these reports list the search terms which result in first page listings for your website on Google Maps. Below each search term is a link to the corresponding page on Google Maps. This provides a very clear picture of your website’s visibility to potential customers using Google. 

Google Maps Setup
Originally, optimizing our clients’ websites for positioning on Google’s search results pages scored many first page positions on these lists of business websites. None of these pages had maps and the listings we generated were known as “organic listings.” When Google introduced map listings (Place Pages) in 2009, we quickly saw how these dominated its pages graphically. Your eye is instantly drawn to the map and its colored letter tags. For local search, these graphically appealing listings had almost instantly become the most important means for promoting a small local business. And by 2009, yellow page ads had lost the majority of their users. So, we began setting up listings for our clients on Google’s map pages. Over time, we learned more and more ways to succeed with this, as Google’s system continued to evolve. With our focus on local search, setting up every Google Maps listings is our objective for every new client. 

Google Analytics Code
One of the best systems for tracking a website’s visibility and site traffic was created by Google for this specific purpose. It allows a business owner to see how visitors were routed to the website, how long the visitor stayed on the site, plus other valuable information. Ton access this information, the business owner must have an account and login with a username and password. In order to set up a Google Analytics account, it is first necessary to place a line of specialized code in a website’s source code. Providing this code is part of our service to every client, and your Brighthouse account representative will show you how to use Google Analytics, and explain its charts and graphs, although these are fairly self-explanatory.

Monthly Email Coaching 
In our monthly coaching, we email information about cultivating reviews and other information vital to good search engine visibility. Reviews have proven to be important for good page rank, but cultivating them must be accomplished in a careful, informed manner. So, in our coaching, we discuss things our clients should do, as well as things to avoid. In many ways the latter is equally important, to prevent unnecessary losses of visibility and ranking on Google and other search engines. 

Besides the cultivation of customer reviews, our coaching covers ways to obtain press coverage, and how to include important keywords in those interviews. We also discuss methods for obtaining influential back links, and references from supplier websites and other related sources. 
If you have a blog and are writing your own posts, we will provide you with good information about making the most of blogging, important subjects and keywords to include, and how to use you blog in ways which will attract the attention of readers, and rewards from search engines.

Coaching will also discuss reports from time to time. We want you to understand the information we provide, and learn how to use this in your ongoing strategies for improving PageRank and search engine visibility. Another topic for discussion will goals and objectives for keywords for which you plan to achieve visibility. 

Dot Tel Domain
We’re all familiar with internet domain extensions like .com and .org - and now .tel is the most recently created domain extension. This really began receiving attention in early 2011 among professional web developers, because .tel is set up to function like a global contact directory. Although a .tel address provides purchasers with a web domain, it is not used as the address or URL for a website in the same way as .com and .net extensions. Instead, it is capable of hosting an impressive amount of information all by itself, including a business name, street address, email and website addresses, telephone and fax numbers, social media links, photos, text, personal or business profiles, maps, and much more. 

A .tel domain can function as a virtual business card with limited information, or as a very comprehensive information set. And because .tels can be structured as information hubs with social media connections and links to personal and business websites,they have become important new systems for boosting search engine visibility. Brighthouse now provides complete .tel services including design, setup, and hosting. 

Customer Review Guides 
As more and more business owners understand the value and power of customer reviews, programs to actively cultivate them are becoming more and more common. 
There are several reasons this is important. First, you should cultivate reviews because many are using online reviews as guides for selecting certain businesses and avoiding others. Next, customer reviews help businesses generate better visibility on search engines. Finally, it’s important to cultivate reviews because good reviews provide the best defense against bad reviews.

To make cultivating reviews easy for you and your clients, we have developed some easy to use, step-by-step review guides which you can email to your customers. Designed to simplify the process of writing reviews, these are customized for each client. Review guides are provided in our upper tier service packages.

Linkedin Profile
As the premier professional networking tool in the business world, Linkedin functions as a directory and messaging center for businesses owners and professionals. With over 100 million members, it provides a system for business professionals to connect and share information about ideas, services, business opportunities, and much more. Linkedin provides an opportunity for you to give and receive referrals, and allows a link back to each member’s business website. Its massive connectivity has a positive impact on Google page rank and other forms of search engine visibility, and provides another important pathway to increase awareness about your business. For clients purchasing Premium level services, Brighthouse will set up a Linkedin account, install a business profile, and include a site link. We can even include a photo. In addition, your account representative will give you the login and guide you through the process of adding information. We also provide complete account management services for additional fees.

Facebook Profile
With its dominant position among other forms of social media, Facebook has become the most important means for entering into the conversation with 21st Century social networking. In fact, Facebook is second only to Google in site traffic, and its global membership is far larger than the population of the United States. Since active participation in social media has proven effective for improving page rank on Google and other major search engines, Facebook is an obvious choice for social networking. For clients without Facebook who are purchasing Premium level services, Brighthouse will set up a new account, and create a business profile. This will include links to YouTube videos, and the client’s Linkedin page. In addition, your account representative will provide you with a login and show you how to manage your new Facebook account. We can also provide complete account management services for additional fees. 

Linked YouTube Videos
Google owns YouTube, and allows linking from five YouTube videos to your Place Page on Google Maps. We favor the concept of online videos and in particular, YouTube videos, as important tools for internet marketing. Going beyond this, Brighthouse produces short YouTube videos for some of our clients, and provides Place Page linking. These average around 3 minutes in length, and Brighthouse produces five YouTube videos for each client selecting our Premium service package. We will produce one video during each of your first five months of service, linking each video to the client’s place page on Google Maps. This empowers your web marketing campaign by contributing to your search engine visibility. By design, YouTube is structured as a social networking system, so these videos are a perfect way to integrate the powerful effects of social media into an internet marketing campaign. In fact, they can be linked to your website, to your Facebook page, and other sites as well.

Bing Setup
Since it was launched in 2009, Bing has grown steadily in importance, and now approaches Yahoo in search numbers. This happened because Bing was created by Microsoft, which makes the Windows operating system for most PCs. Bing also has map listings, and has become the default search tool for many new desktop and laptop PCs. Quite a few computer users reset this to Google because of its overall popularity. Still, quite a few new computer buyers leave Bing in place. As a result, Google has dropped to about 65%, while Bing’s search numbers continue to grow. Combined, Bing and Yahoo now represent approximately 30% of search. So we provide setup for both of these search engines for clients selecting our premium level of service. 

Site Mapping
Today’s website visitors are much less likely to read and study websites in detail like they did when the World Wide Web was brand new. Instead, internet users now tend to make very quick decisions based on first impressions of websites. In many cases potential customers will evaluate your map listing see if you are conveniently located, and call your number without even entering your website. Your phone number is right there in your map listing, so many customers will call right away. This is increasingly true as more and more internet users conduct local searches from mobile devices. 

Understanding this, it’s become increasingly obvious that the most important aim of website design should be gaining visibility on search engines. Still, a certain percentage of users will look at your site, navigate through some of its pages, and read some of the text. So, your site text should be intelligible and meaningful, even though its primary reason for existence is powering search engines visibility. 

Consider the site map. Google actually launched its own site map protocol, encouraging web designers to use this because so many websites have increased in size and complexity. Adopting this protocol makes Google’s task easier, and clearly results in benefits and rewards in terms of page rank and visibility. Site maps are an extremely effective way to organize websites and make them more “search engine friendly.” Brighthouse uses special tools to align websites with Google’s site mapping protocol, and we’ve seen first hand the effect this has on Google PageRank and visibility.

Premium Link Building
The fabric of the internet is woven together with links which make this virtual community possible. Internal links connect various parts of a website together, while external links provide connections between sites. When related to search engine visibility, link building generally refers to external links bringing traffic from other websites to your website. These are known as back links or incoming links. Links of this type can have a profound effect on the way Google and other search engines rank a website on their search results pages. So, it’s always good to find ways to generate incoming links. Brighthouse has developed a number of different strategies for link building, and we use these to build incoming links for clients selecting our premium service package. 

Web Hosting
To connect and function interactively with the World Wide Web, a website must be stored on a host computer which is continually connected to the Internet. In other words, it must be “on line.” Although early websites were often hosted on small dedicated computers, commercial hosting services offer clear advantages, including superior levels of speed, reliability, and security. These services use large main-frame servers with redundant backup systems and formidable security protocols. Typically connected to the internet by large fiber-optic cables, they have access to massive bandwidth, and exchange web data at very high speeds. 

When providing hosting for our clients, we always contract with commercial hosting services. We have the tools and experience to monitor each web site remotely, making changes whenever they are needed. In this way we retain complete control over each site, while commercial servers provide the necessary speed and security.

Comprehensive Reports 
These reports provide all the information included in essential reports plus information about your first page “organic listings,” which are important listings found on search results pages which have no maps. Also, since early 2011, organic listings are often combined with map listings on the same results pages. 

Brighthouse will provide information about site traffic resulting from your organic listings on Google, and the average time spent on your site by these visitors. Additionally, you will receive information about visitors finding your site using Google Maps, and about the keywords which were used to find those listings. Your traffic report will include three areas of search, so you will be able to see how many site visitors came from Google organic listings, how many used Google Maps to find your website, and the number of visitors arriving at your site without using Google.

Competition Analysis
This service is a vital means of learning how to compete for better visibility on Google and other major search engines. Through analysis, we can inform you about strategies being used by your competition. This includes information about the keywords in your competitors’ anchor text and meta-tags, their directory listings and links, the PageRank for their back links, their incoming links from blogs and forums. Besides showing you why your competition may have better ranking on search engines, we will  provide you with counterstrategies for improving your PageRank and visibility.

Comprehensive Optimization Code 
When we manage and host a website, we can work extensively with site code without complex details becoming lost in the translation between ourselves, our client, and a web administrator. So, comprehensive optimization code is only available to those for whom we manage and host websites. Since site hosting is provided to every client who selects our Ultimate Service, comprehensive optimization is included in that package. 

Comprehensive optimization involves more than supplements which are added to source code. Instead, we are optimizing the entire website, and not just the home page, and this includes maintaining optimization as the site transitions through revisions. At this level of service, our work will improve the website’s architecture to make sure it is search engine friendly. To do this, we will embed site mapping code, supplemental DCS recognition code, indexing code, analytics code, robot.txt files when needed, as well as carefully written meta-tags for every page of most websites (up to 12 pages). 

Automated RSS News Feed
Because an industry news page is a very effective means of adding content to your website, and boosting its page rank on search engines, Brighthouse developed a system for creating and managing news pages which are continually updated with articles related to our clients’ industries. 

Beginning with design and setup for a dedicated news page, our RSS software allows us to install an automated RSS news feed on any website we create or manage. Our office server searches the internet for news articles related to your industry, and automatically posts these to your news page several times a week. Over time, this growing body of news continually builds site content, just as a blog would do. This results in a more complete website with improved search engine visibility.                                

NOTE: These services are only available for websites we manage and host.

Managed Blog
A blog is a web page used for posting original ideas, stories, opinions, and information. Blogs also provide comment windows, which allow readers to post their responses. An active blog is in continual use, with new content being added on a regular basis, and is one of the most powerful elements a website can include for building page rank on search engines and enhancing web visibility. Here are some reasons why a blog can be so valuable.

  1. Google rewards blogging, because blogs follow the original intent and spirit of the internet, which is the free exchange of ideas and information. So, having an active blog is a plus with Google, and can contribute towards improved PageRank and visibility.
  2. An active blog with new information posted at reasonable intervals prevents the website from remaining in a static state. And Google rewards websites which are active, but it doesn’t seem as interested in sites which remain unchanged over long periods of time.
  3. Active blogging continually builds a website’s content. This helps because Google repects and rewards websites which have lots of informational content.
  4. A well-written blog can function as a link magnet. In other words, people who like a blog they are reading, or a particular blog article, will sometimes post a link on their site to that blog posting. These incoming links are important because Google rewards websites which have lots of incoming links. 

Our blog service includes page design, setup, and administration. Because blog comment forms are often the recipient of spam, our blog management includes filtering of blog comments to prevent unwanted responses. We also provide posting services for new blog entries. 
We design and install blogs using WordPress, which is the preferred system for reasons related to search engine optimization. There are other ways to blog, but none of these are nearly as effective for boosting PageRank and search engine visibility.

NOTE: Our blog services are only available for websites we manage and host.

Ghost Written Blog Posts
If you are generally too busy to write blog articles, and don’t have access to a good writer, we can provide high quality ghost writing services. Our writers work with your master list for keywords, and write clear, concise text which makes strategic use of important keywords to boost page rank and visibility on major search engines. We recommend at least 250 words of new blog text each month, and this can be divided into 2  or 3 separate posts.