Optimized Business Profiles

A business profile contains information which is very important for successful internet marketing. Stored online in phone directory sites, business directories, websites for state licensing entities, as well as search engine directories, a carefully optimized profile created by a professional SEO firm like Brighthouse, can produce very desirable results in major search engines.  Every business profile begins with basic identifying information including business name, street address, phone, fax, and email address. However, well organized information like business descriptions, descriptions of service area, lists of products, brands, services, and keywords can have a have tremendous value in how search engines place or “rank” your listings on their search results pages and map listings. 

A key component in every effective business profile is the web address (URL) for that business. Many online directories provide an opportunity to list a web address, and this can result in an incoming link to your website. Accumulating incoming links is a proven strategy for obtaining high page rank on search engines. 

With over 15 years of experience as a web developer, Brighthouse is highly skilled at creating effective business profiles for our clients. Because every new project begins with an in-depth client interview and extensive keyword research, every profile we create is written with a clear understanding of our client’s business, and the keywords used most often in searches for the goods and services our client provides. Using these keywords in a business profile helps Google and other search engines connect the dots between the searches people are making and our clients’ websites.