Optimized Business Profiles

Online directories are busily selling ads and enhanced listings, and some online directories even offer videos to lure new clients. However, it’s vital for anyone planning effective internet marketing to know that all of the major business directories combined represent only a tiny percentage of local search. By comparison, Google accounts for approximately 65% of this market, while Yahoo and Bing share 30%. Ask and AOL share another 3%. This only leaves about 2% of the search market for scores of fiercely competing, but relatively insignificant business directories. 

In conversations we’ve had with representatives from many of these directories, we’ve never once been given an answer when we asked how much market share of local search was represented by their company. That’s because the largest directory accounts for less than 1% of search. No one who really understood this, would ever choose a directory over a search engine like Google as a driver for their internet marketing campaign. If you have good visibility on Google and other search engines, you are likely to get more than a hundred website visits from search engines for every visitor linking in from a directory. So, in terms of web marketing, you’ll be a hundred times better off by placing your focus on search engines.

Still, business directories possess definite value, but not for their advertising services. Instead, the real value lies in their potential as sources for supporting information and incoming links. That’s because Google crosschecks the information on your website with information it finds on business directories and other online resources. Other search engines do the same thing, so it’s good to have information about your business on lots of other websites. This can boost your page ranking on search results pages and map pages. At Brighthouse, we can useData Control Services (DCS) and other methods to distribute your information to over a hundred online directories, data bases, and other sites. This will establish a strong body of information about your business across the internet and generate many incoming links to your website. This approach to creating a strong internet presence is a proven means for elevating search engine visibility, and achieving success with web marketing.