Building A Better Blog

A blog is one of the most powerful website elements available for building page rank on search engines and enhancing website visibility. This works for the following reasons:

  1. Google rewards blogging, because it follows the original intent and spirit of the internet, which is the free exchange of ideas and information. So just the fact of having an active blog is a plus with Google, and this generally results in improved page rank.
  2. An active blog with new information posted at reasonable intervals prevents the website from remaining in a static state. And Google rewards websites which are active.
  3. A blog continually builds a website’s content. This helps because Google likes and rewards websites which have lots of informational content.
  4. A well written blog can function as “link bait.” In other words, people who like what they are reading, or like a particular article, will sometimes post a link on their site to that blog posting. These incoming links are important because Google rewards websites with lots of incoming links. 
  5. The blog itself will bring new visitors to the website.

Our blog service includes page design, setup, and administration. Because blog comment forms are often the recipient of spam, our blog management includes manual filtering of blog comments to prevent unwanted responses. We also provide posting services for new blog entries. 

We design and install blogs using WordPress, which is the preferred system for reasons related to search engine optimization. There are other ways to blog, but none of these is nearly as effective for boosting site visibility.

NOTE: Our blog services are only available for websites we manage and host.